RSAC Insights: Matias Katz, CEO and Founder of Byos - Enterprise Security Tech

Dirty Networks: A Top Threat Vector Still Exposed

Today’s public and private networks are by their very nature dirty. Security professionals know that and warn that we should just assume that every network carries significant risk to our devices, data and resources. Nonetheless, employees need to use them, so most organizations use VPNs to provide secure corporate access, however, a VPN can only protect data in transit, and doesn’t actually protect the device or the resources on the device.

The risks on public Wi-Fi networks are multiplied exponentially for IT and security professionals tasked with protecting and managing not only remote devices and users, but also the myriad of services and information that they connect to “back at the office.” Regardless of the investments in various network and endpoint security technologies an organization makes, the fact remains: devices are always exposed to the threats that lurk in these dirty networks, simply by virtue of how they connect.

At Byos, we believe that organizations need to be able to take advantage of low cost, ubiquitous connectivity, like public Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, and conferences, without the inherent risks.

Security “Stack on a Stick” Protects Devices, Thwarts Threat Propagation

We have created an endpoint micro-segmentation solution that allows employees and their laptops and tablets to safely and securely connect to any network, regardless of their location or network environment. We take the proven approach of network segmentation, but shrink it to a micro-segment of 1, isolating every endpoint device from the local network risks and the propagation of these risks. To do this, we built the Byos μGateway™ - a small, portable “security stack on a USB stick” that protects devices from attacks that exist on dirty networks. We paired it with an enterprise-grade management console, enabling IT teams to deliver cost-effective security management through centralized provisioning and real-time remote policy enforcement to the highest risk, highest frequency remote employees and connected devices.”

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