Make Your Network Invisible.

The Byos microsegmentation platform provides Edge networking protection, asset invisibility & isolation, and granular secure access to resources without data leakage nor device exposure. Byos was built for Zero Trust networking and is inherently compatible with all sorts of existing devices and network environments. This not only brings dramatic reduction in risk - but it unlocks new opportunities for greater efficiencies, productivity and data aggregation for optimal performance and savings.

Byos serves customers across the fields of Critical Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Defense and Government, Healthcare, Energy, and Financial Services - securing everything from plant floor machinery, to EV charging stations, to individual employee laptops.

Byos is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and advisors, and is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


Matias Katz

Matias Katz

Founder & CEO

Cristian Amicelli

Cristian Amicelli

Lead Product Architect

Cristobal del Pino

Cristobal del Pino

Director of Product Security

Ryan Bunker

Ryan Bunker

Director of Product Management


Maira Souza

Director of HR

David Stephens_300px

David Stephens

Vice President - Public Sector & Strategic Accounts

Mathew Akin_300px

Mathew Akin

DevOps Specialist

Jeff Carter_300px

Jeff Carter

Principal Cloud Engineer

Alex Moore_300px

Alex Moore

Systems and Manufacturing Engineer

Kent Worsnop_300px

Kent Worsnop

Senior Software Developer

Alex Radford_300px

Alex Radford

Full Stack Developer

Seth VanderVlucht_300px

Seth VanderVlucht

Vice President of Sales - Central


Guido Katz

Graphic Designer

Rhys Butcher_300px

Rhys Butcher

Frontend Developer


Emma Travers

Web Application Developer

Lyla Langpap_300px

Lyle Langpap

Software Developer

Ren An Lim_300px

Ren An Lim

Business Analyst

Zach Sampson_300px

Zach Sampson

Junior Software Developer

Aaron Graham_300px

Aaron Graham

Software Developer

Dave Esto_300px

Dave Esto

Head of Channel Sales

Jim Laurita_300px

Jim Laurita

Senior Solutions Engineer

Colby Milton_300px

Colby Milton

Senior Software Developer

Technical Advisors

Paul Kocher

Paul Kocher

Renowned Security Researcher. Co-Creator of SSL/TLS protocols

Rodrigo Rubira

Rodrigo Rubira

Senior Staff Engineer,

David Bauer

David Bauer

Former CISO, Digital Asset,
Merrill Lynch

Neil Daswani, PhD

Neil Daswani, PhD

Co-Director, Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program

Business Advisors

Ken Rutsky

Ken Rutsky

Cybersecurity Marketing and GTM Expert. Former VP Marketing, McAfee

Paulo Veloso

Paulo Veloso

CRO @ Digibee

General Counsel

Chase Irwin

Chase Irwin

Partner, Corporate; Venture Technology, Dentons Canada LLP