Zero Trust: The Most Overused, Misused & Abused Cybersecurity Phrase Today

Zero Trust. Is it the one-size-fits-all solution many propose it to be, or an empty buzzword? Well, the answer is a little more nuanced, and that's why we wanted to take time to have an open and honest discussion about it. This is a security framework that needs to be understood - and even critiqued! - in order to be successfully implemented. So let's talk about Zero Trust; where it succeeds, where it falls short, what it's really about, and most importantly, how to use it to your advantage. In this webinar, Byos founder and CEO Matias Katz will discuss:

  • Organizational silos, lack of budget, priority alignment, and other obstacles to Zero Trust
  • Zero Trust compatibility with legacy technologies
  • How to create the ideal Zero Trust environment
  • And more!

Byos: Edge Microsegmentation to Enable Zero Trust

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