Watch a Demo of the Byos Platform!

See how Byos strengthens Industrial Security and Improves Data Collection! 

Dive into the specific challenges faced on the plant floor and discover how hardware-enforced microsegmentation can be a robust solution. Showing off the Byos secure SDN overlay network, the Byos platform incorporates some of the latest technological innovations to enable a more agile and simpler approach to industrial security - watch now!


Learn how Byos allows you to Securely Manage Connections and Remote Assets with ease! 

Witness secure management of Remote Assets in action! This clip unveils how the Byos platform enables you to push updates to protected assets and easily manage connections. Explore the comprehensive breakdown as our Founder and CEO, Matias Katz explains how he's able to access, isolate, and manage traffic for devices outside of his local network through the Byos Secure Lobby™ Overlay. Tune in!


See How Byos Can Secure Your Enterprise 

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✔️     Make your devices undiscoverable & inaccessible – completely invisible to unauthorized sources

✔️     Deploy it with no changes to your network, fully compatible with all your existing infrastructure – endpoints, network equipment, security appliances, firewalls, etc.

✔️    Secure legacy devices

✔️    Remotely manage and access assets from anywhere without exposing them to the Internet

✔️    Reduce your network threat surface to zero!


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