Make Your Network Invisible

Keep your assets completely cloaked and undiscoverable on the network, with Byos Secure Edge™ Microsegmentation Solution

Some of the things Cybersecurity leaders have all been saying for years, are no longer true

Invisible access

"I can't connect my critical assets to the network because they would be exposed to attacks"

With Byos, devices can be invisible to the network they are connected to, while still being accessible from remote sources securely.

Vulnerable assets2

"My device has an unpatchable vulnerability and now I'm exposed"

Byos’ protection is decoupled from the device’s operating system, protecting the asset even if it presents OS-bound intrinsic vulnerabilities.

Remote access2

"I can't provide remote access to critical resources securely"

Byos provides an invisible overlay network across multiple remote locations, allowing for secure remote access to assets without being conditioned by the local network the assets sit in.

Byos gives you an entirely new way to protect, control, and access your network

Value For Industrial IoT 

Quite simply - Business drivers are costing too much money.

Byos Brings: 

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  Secure Remote Troubleshooting, without exposing the network to the internet

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  A network for aggregation of data

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  Prevention of the catastrophic risk of ransomware

Invisible assets, full access, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. Immediate Time to Value.

Value For Distributed Workforces 

You don't have to choose between protected or accessible assets.


Byos Brings: 

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  Secure Remote IT Management

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  Secure Connectivity

BYOS-logo-Square-SocialMedia-Black small-1  Radically reduced attack surface

Invisible assets, full access, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. Immediate Time to Value.

Tackle Any Security Challenge - Byos Serves A Whole Range of Use Cases 

How Byos Works

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Byos makes your assets invisible to the network they are connected to, even if the device’s network addresses and identities are known, automatically isolating them from attacks.

Gateway Edge scope copy

Byos allows you to control what your devices can and cannot do, even if those assets are in remote and uncontrolled locations.


Benefits-3 copy

Byos allows you to access any asset remotely, from and to uncontrolled networks, at the same time that those assets don’t have access to anything and at the same time that they are protected, and at the same time that they are invisible to the local network.

Before & After Byos

The most effective way to secure your network is to make every device undiscoverable and inaccessible

How Byos Transforms Security Operations

Zero Threat Surface

Reduce Your Network Threat Surface to Zero

The device is no longer discoverable or accessible, leaving no room for attackers to spread their attack surface, lowering their ROI to insignificant levels

Simplify Stack

Simplify your stack

Accessing a given resource can be difficult because of the complexity involved in navigating a network with a disparate set of network and security technologies and policies. Byos delivers a streamlined path to a flatter, more consistent, and intuitive network design. It can be deployed in large, multinational organizations, regardless of network complexity or security technology.

Improve Visibility and Access

Instant Visibility, Consistent Accessibility

You need centralized runtime visibility into the active sessions of distributed endpoints. Byos’ design drives consistency and simplicity across the enterprise. Customers tell us that the ease, simplicity and consistency in how they are are able to prepare and onboard new devices is worth paying for. And they just get the security for free. Can you set one policy for one of those devices, and then use the same access policy for each and every device in your network? With Byos, you can.


Enterprise Design and Deployment in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Get Set Up Quickly in Just 2 Hours


Get Started

You'll see immediate changes - you'll be able to communicate to the Internet without being seen on your network, prevent lateral movement across the network, prevent 20 different adversary techniques for compromising endpoints, and be able to secure and administer PCs, legacy and unmanaged devices, third party and cloud resources from a single console. Too good to be true? Talk to us and try it out. 

Step 2

Give Us Your Toughest Challenges



Experience just how fast, simple, and secure your most important assets become as they become part of a Byos-protected network. Give us your most demanding, most complex problems. Build a 10-50 Edge Pilot with Byos in a matter of 6-12 days rather than the typical industry period of 6-12 months. You'll also be able to get a full enterprise design and rollout validated in this phase. 

Step 3

Scale Across Your Entire Network



Additional Edges deployed as your requirements expand. As there are no changes are required to your network, it's 100% consistent with the Pilot design, making it easier than ever for you to deploy and scale. 

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