Make your network invisible. 


Last hop security to stop ransomware from spreading laterally across the network. Protect, manage, and access endpoints on networks you can’t trust.


Protect Distributed Workforces

Secure Industrial IoT Devices

Embed Network Security Firmware


A single technology for protecting all of your endpoints - enterprise, IoT, and embedded

Connect over the network, without being connected to the network


Byos Secure Edge™ provides "first-hop" protection against multiple attack vectors across OSI layers 1-5. All attempts to scan, fingerprint, or enumerate are dropped at the Byos Edge, making endpoints invisible.

Multi-site, 3rd-Party
 Access Management

Byos allows simpler, yet more sophisticated access control for third party devices across many networks, many of them outside your control

Legacy Protection

Whether because of cost, expertise, regulatory controls, or design limitations, older technology is impossible to retrofit with today's security demands. Byos secures these vulnerable, high-value targets - protecting legacy assets that are poorly segmented.

Simple Deployment

Byos can be deployed without changing the underlying network, so it’s simple to deploy and manage. Start with just two devices, and then scale to secure your entire enterprise network.

Real-time, Zero Trust Access Controls

Byos facilitates Granular Secure Remote Access and easy Network Management through a cloud-based centralized control plane.

Breach Containment

Byos protects endpoints from the rest of the network, and can rapidly isolate ports as a key part of your incident response. All traffic and data originating from endpoints on any network flows through controlled entry and exit nodes, mitigating the viral spread.



Secure Endpoint Edge

gen3 MBP 2 copy

USB Form Factor for Mobile and BYOD Devices


Secure Gateway Edge


Industrial Gateway for IoT and Legacy Devices


Secure Embedded Edge

Byos embedded chip for website

Embeddable Software for OEM Devices in Design

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