Edge Microsegmentation for Zero Trust Networking


Allowing CISOs, Network Owners, and OEMs to better protect and manage any endpoint on networks they can’t trust.


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Protect Distributed Workforces

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Secure Industrial IoT Devices

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Embed Network Security Firmware

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 Why Edge Microsegmentation?

Hardware-enforced isolation from the network

Lower layer security processing at the edge, so malicious traffic can be stopped before entering the device.

Agentless protection for legacy and IoT devices

Protect your networking assets that can’t be protected by incompatible security software.

Security, independent from the Operating System

For protection against attacks like lateral movement that corrupt and disable OS-based security software.

Visibility and control on
3rd-party networks

Access and manage your endpoints on any network, without compromising security.

Centralized Cloud Management for Visibility and Control

Manage deployed Byos Secure Endpoint Edge centrally for streamlined provisioning and policy pushing.

Byos provides visibility of devices across all networks, corporate campuses, field networks, hospitals, clinics, etc., regardless of location, integrating with your existing security stack.

Zero Touch Deployment for easy implementation

Deploy Byos seamlessly with any device, in any network for protection across your entire fleet.

Corporate Devices, IoT devices, Industrial Controllers, Medical Devices, Legacy devices - all TCP/IP devices can be protected by Byos



Secure Endpoint Edge

gen3 MBP 2

USB Form Factor for Mobile and BYOD Devices

Secure Gateway Edge

Secure Gateway Edge

Industrial Gateway for IoT and Legacy Devices

Secure Embedded Edge

Secure Embedded Edge

Embeddable Software for OEM Devices in Design

Protect any connected device in your network with
Edge Microsegmentation.


Protect Remote Devices on Untrusted Wi-Fi Networks

The Byos Secure Endpoint Edge for the remote/roaming workforce provides protection from OSI layers 1 to 5, isolating the connected endpoint onto its own protected microsegment of one within the local Wi-Fi network, reducing the risk of lateral movement attacks.

Plug-and-Play Security for Legacy & Embedded IoT Devices

Byos protects legacy IoT devices through microsegmentation with its Secure Gateway Edge, reducing risk for otherwise unpatchable and unsupported devices. For new device designs and rollouts, the Byos Secure Embedded Edge solution can be included directly into the product for an added layer of security and management.


Extend Zero-Trust Access to Any Remote Wi-Fi Connection

Organizations implementing Zero-Trust strategies can now connect to any network with reduced risk, protected via managed Byos Secure Edge. This provides a high-trust, high-certainty authentication and authorization criteria for use with Identity & Privilege management solutions.

Simply and Cost Effectively Provision and Manage

The Byos Management Console lets you easily provision and seamlessly manage your deployed Secure Endpoint Edge. Byos Secure Endpoint Edge are plug-and-play for simple deployment, automatically connecting to the Management Console, and immediately receiving corporate security policies once plugged in.


Start Small, Deploy Seamlessly, Scale Fast

Our Business Starter Pack allows you a low cost, low risk first deployment option. Start with 5 Secure Endpoint Edge, use the Management Console and feel the intuitive user experience, and then scale from there. Our customer success team and deployment guides are here to help you succeed.

Use Cases


Work From Home

Securing and managing remote workers is a CISO’s top priority, meaning simplicity and practicality have never become more crucial as organizations strive to achieve plug-and-play security for virtual workforces.

Learn how Byos ensures safe and cost-effective WFH initiatives

IOT Device Protection

Medical devices, point-of-sale terminals, industrial controllers and many other networked IoT devices are vulnerable to attack and disruption. They’re often running unsupported OS and sometimes unpatchable.

Learn how Byos protects legacy devices or embedded applications


Securing BYOD Devices on Corporate Networks

Every day, BYOD devices access your applications and networks, but many of these unmanaged devices may be infected or compromised, increasing the risk of lateral spreading across your entire network. 

Learn how Byos simplifies security management for BYOD devices

Traveling Employees and Executives

For salespeople, service technicians, and traveling executives, working on public Wi-Fi is a given. Until now, options for securing these connections have been hard to manage and expensive to scale.

Learn how Byos delivers plug and play security on any Wi-Fi Network 


Byos protects remote devices while giving IT teams visibility and control of deployments.

Get Started with Byos

Get Started with Byos

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