ITSP Magazine Interview - Their Story | BYOS | A Conversation With Matias Katz

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli
Guest: Matias Katz

The organization telling us their story today is BYOS.

Are you connecting your devices and systems to the Internet with a false sense of security?

While VPN technologies have a clear role in protecting users and their devices as they connect to critical business systems and sensitive information, they alone are not enough to ensure that the connections are secure.

Listen to today’s episode as Matias Katz tells us the BYOS story: the origins of the company, how Matias’ upbringing and education helped to shape the company, and how his passion and drive for knowledge and learning are helping him to take the company into the future—a future full of countless bad actors looking to compromise and exploit some of the billions of Internet-connected devices for their financial gain.

Hit play to check to see where you sense of security currently sits.

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