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Byos Secure Endpoint Edge™

A hardened security stack on a small and low-powered device, the Byos Secure Endpoint Edge provides protection from OSI layers 1 to 5 through hardware-enforced isolation. Each Byos µGateway isolates the connected endpoint onto its own micro-segment of one that protects it from compromised networks and other compromised endpoints on the network.

Technology Agnostic

Works with any device, regardless of the OS, model, or age.


No software or drivers required; recognized as an ethernet gadget

Transparent User Experience

Doesn’t restrict internet connection speeds or steal computing resources

Proprietary Design

Custom Hardware and Software for increased security

Made In North America

Secure manufacturing using a certified supply chain of components

Over-the-Air Updates

Ongoing threat knowledge base updates and feature additions

Byos Management Console

All security policy administration is handled centrally through the Management Console, which allows IT teams to deploy and manage Byos Secure Endpoint Edge at scale. With the ability to be self-hosted, cloud-based, or multi-tenanted, the Management Console can be integrated with existing security environments and customized to meet specific business needs.

Dynamic Policy Pushing

Push security policies in real-time to groups and users

Simple Threat Management

Monitor and receive alerts of security incidents and threats


Granular Access Control

Control what your users can and can’t access online


Frequently Asked Questions

What attacks and threat vectors does the Secure Endpoint Edge protect against?

The Secure Endpoint Edge protects against:

    • Man-in-the-Middle
    • DNS Hijacking
    • Wi-Fi Cloning
    • Network Identity Alteration
    • Packet Rerouting
    • Eavesdropping
    • Scanning and Enumeration
    • Fingerprinting and Exploiting
    • Spikes in Bandwidth Usage

Why do I need hardware? Why can’t it be software?

Conventional security software cannot protect a computer from threats on dirty Wi-Fi networks.

VPNs can only protect data in transit. EDRs and antivirus products protect the operating system and applications on the device. They have no way of isolating the device from the network. This is because security software resides in the operating system’s stack.

The Secure Endpoint Edge provides hardware-enforced isolation of computer endpoints. It provides an additional layer of security, independent of what's running on the device.

How does the Secure Endpoint Edge compare to a VPN?

VPNs only protect data in transit; they do not protect the endpoint from the local network, leaving VPN users vulnerable to attacks. In comparison, the µGateway provides device protection by isolating it from the network and providing multiple protection services.

With the Secure Endpoint Edge, users are not susceptible to the recent vulnerabilities found with VPNs like VPN pivoting, DNS leakage, improperly stored log files, etc. Check out our blog post - The Problem with VPNs to learn more about the shortcomings of VPNs.

In a maximum security environment, The µGateway complements an Enterprise VPN. However, in a small-medium business or Zero Trust security environment, the Byos µGateway is a suitable option to replace existing VPNs.

The µGateway extends a Zero Trust access to any Wi-Fi network.

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