Introducing the Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment

NetSec Assessment featured

The tech world is in a state of rapid expansion, and almost no business has gone unaffected. From the growth of the Internet of Things and cloud computing to increasing support for remote work, modern companies require complex technological architecture to keep things running smoothly.

With business and security transforming at an accelerating pace, you face challenges that are unique to you. Since cybersecurity doesn’t always keep up with progress, how do you know if you are optimizing how you protect your employees, information and reputation?

You’re invited to take this straightforward and thorough Network Security Maturity Assessment. Engaging in this process assesses the state of your network security technologies and practices. Behind the scenes, we identify vulnerabilities, then we make recommendations to improve your security “posture” so you can plan your next best steps. Different organizations have different needs and budgets, so for small, medium, and large businesses, you’ll get questions and answers specifically tailored to your situation in these categories:

  • General network related cybersecurity practices
  • Managing access
  • Lateral movement
  • Risk/threat assessment

The recommendations are independent of any vendor’s capabilities or solutions. Most of the recommedations are based on industry-standards from NIST and CIS. Of course, you can do all the heavy lifting by doing your own assessment using those links, or you can let this assessment do the work for you. Get started now.

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